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Phoenicids Japanese Expedition La Palma 2014

Between 29 Nov and 3 Dec 2014, a group of 12 Japanese people attended an expedition in La Palma to observe the Phoenicids meteor shower and visit the Roque de los Muchachos Observatory (ORM).

The group was lead by Dr. Juniki Watanabe (co-director of the National Astronomical Observatory of Japan, NAOJ) and included a crew from the NHK Japanese national television and other representatives and amateur astronomers from Kawasaki Science Museum, Nippon Meteor Society and Prof. Dr. Emeritus Junji Nakamura (University of Tokyo, author and discoverer of this meteor shower). The following photos include some memories.

Besides Magic Telescopes

Visiting WHT Telescope

Under the WHT Telescope

Visiting GTC Telescope

Photo credits: Masayuki Toda (Nippon Meteor Society).