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Starlight, Beyond Light Pollution 2016

**** The Schedule ****

! UPDATED 24 JUNE 2016 !

Workshop schedule here (PDF link)

Day 1: Fri July 1, 2016
Arrival of the participants, some coming from the STARMUS festival in the nearby Tenerife. Accommodation in the "Las Olas" 4 star apart-hotel located in "Los Cancajos" beach tourist resort (only 5 min from the airport). Meeting your hosts. Join the Romanian group attending the 6th expedition of SARM in Canary Islands (all excursions will run together). Dinner in the hotel.

Day 2: Sat July 2, 2016
Atlantic sunrise and breakfast in the hotel. Morning excursion: "Centre of the island, Caldera de Taburiente", including the Visiting Centre and "La Cumbresita" in the heart of the caldera! Small walk through the pine forest sourounded by gorgeous nature (don't forget your camera)! Return to the hotel. Afternoon: Free time, enjoy the sunny hotel pools or the nearby Los Cancajos black sand beach. Dinner in the hotel. Astro-night on a mountain location, return to the hotel after midnight.

Day 3: Sun July 3, 2016
Good morning, La Palma! Breakfast in the hotel. Excursion "South of La Palma, the Atlantic Ocean, Volcanoes and Wine". Visit and walk along the cone of the San Antonio volcan and Teneguia volcan (the last which erupted in La Palma 45 years ago). Visit of a local "bodega" (winery) and wine degustation. Visit of the Salinas of Teneguia (family sea salt factory). Return to the hotel. Free time in Los Cancajos resort. Dinner in the hotel.

Day 4: Mon July 4, 2016
Canarian breakfast in the 4 star apart-hotel. Visit of our island capital, Santa Cruz de La Palma (10 min by bus). Opening of the "Starlight, beyond light pollution" workshop in the "Salazar Pallace", Santa Cruz de La Palma (11:30-12:30). Return to the hotel. Afternoon in the hotel (15:00-19:00): first session of the "Starlight, beyond light pollution" workshop: "Light Pollution Mitigation". Dinner in the hotel.

Day 5: Tue July 5, 2016
Early breakfast in the hotel. Excursion "Roque de Los Muchachos" and the Astronomical Observatory (ORM). Visit the telescopes MAGIC, WHT and GTC - the world's largest! Visit the highest peak of the island (2426m), "Roque de los Muchachos" and overlook the dramatic "Caldera de Taburiente", one of the largest in the world! Lunch in the observatory. Afternoon (15:00-18:00): second session of the "Starlight, beyond light pollution" workshop: "Observatory Site Protection" from the ORM observatory, one of the best astronomical complexes in the world! Astro-night at a nearby "astro-mirador" location, featuring the spectacular sunset at 2300m alt overlooking Caldera de Taburiente! After midnight, return by bus to the hotel.

Day 6: Wed July 6, 2016
Breakfast in the hotel. Morning: Enjoy free time besides the pools or the quiet nearby black sand beach in Los Cancajos. Afternoon (15:00-19:00): Third and concluding session of the "Starlight, beyond light pollution" workshop: "Education about Light Pollution". Dinner in the hotel. Eventually, astro-night on a mountain location (depending on the weather previous nights), then return to the hotel around midnight.

Day 7: Thu July 7, 2016
Atlantic sunrise and breakfast in the hotel. Full day excursion "North of La Palma, UNESCO heritage". Visit of "Los Tilos" natural park and learn about the laurel forest or laurisilva flora that existed in Europe millions of years ago. Short walk in this damp forest full of all majestic trees and giant ferns. Learn how the water is collected in La Palma, visit the waterfall. Optional lunch (10-15 EUR/pers) in a pittoresque country side restaurant at "Laguna de Barlovento", the largest water reservoir on the island. Admire the magestic landscapes of Las Toscas, a perfect place to glimpse the wild and breathtaking North of La Palma. Afternoon refresh bath in the natural pools Las Fajanas surrounded by fishes and the Atlantic Ocean! Return to the hotel and dinner.

Day 8: Fri July 8, 2016
Breakfast in the hotel. During the day, leaving to the nearby airport (5 min by taxi). Good bye, La Palma!

Optional extra days and excursions

Depending on your flight connections and taste, we are happy to offer you few extra optional days and excursions (guided or not) in La Palma, before or after the 1-8 July schedule. Especially for nature and hiking lovers we trully recommend "The Big Caldera" (featuring the "Cascada Colorada" (colored waterfall) and "Ruta de los Volcanes" (ridge montain treck), both more demanding (15-20 km walk) and needing one full day.

Starlight Workshop

Las Olas Hotel Reception
East of La Palma
La Palma cloud sea
MAGIC and GTC Telescopes
ORM IMC2012 Excursion
Caldera de Taburiente
Ruta de los Volcanes
Las Fajanas natural pools
Las Olas **** Hotel
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