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Starlight, Beyond Light Pollution 2016

**** Your Registration and Payment ****

! UPDATED 9 APRIL 2016 !


Conditions for registration and payment to Astro Travels:

UPDATE (9 April 2016): A workshop will run in 1-8 July 2016 together with the sixth Romanian expedition in La Palma.

Deadline for registration: 15 June 2016 (two weeks before the workshop, deposit 150 EUR).

The deposit (150 EUR) is part of the basic package, acting as registration fee for the "Starlight, beyond light pollution" and the astro-photo workshops.

Following your online registration, we will confirm your request and will inform you about the payment methods, via PAYPAL or bank transfer to Spain (deposit and balance), and/or cash on site (for the balance).

The balance could be paid upon your arrival by PAYPAL, bank transfer or in cash on site (sorry, no card accepted), during your first day in La Palma.

Any local or other participant willing to book his/her own accommodation or/and to attend only the "Starlight, beyond light pollution" workshop and astro-photo workshop should pay the registration fee of 150 EUR.

The five excursions are included in the tourist package (coupled with the Romanian expedition). Any other optional (extra days) excursions could run with a minimum 10 participants.

Your round travel to La Palma and booking flights is your responsibility, but we could provide some advice to search the cheaper your traject and company.

Based on your flight conections, we are happy to book you any extra days in the same apart-hotel, please include such request in the registration form!


Participation to the "Starlight, beyond light pollution" workshop (3 sessions, including meeting room, coffee breaks) and astro-photo workshop (one session - to be confirmed soon): registration fee 150 EUR.

Attend the whole package (1-8 July) including "Starlight, beyond light pollution" workshop, 7 nights accommodation with double board (breakfast and dinner or lunch daily), 5 excursions, 2 astro nights, the astro-photo workshop (to be confirmed soon) and the astro-concert (to be confirmed later): 590 EUR (TPL), 660 EUR (DBL) or 790 EUR (SGL occupancy).

We are flexible in case you could not attend the whole package or if you need extra nights. Please contact us via email ( for any questions before your registration.


Starlight workshop

Starlight 2016 La Palma