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Starlight, Beyond Light Pollution 2016

**** La Palma Island ****

Why Canary Islands and La Palma to host our Workshop? First, because Astro Travels resides here. Second, because La Palma hosts one of the best astronomical observatories in the world, which in 2015 celebrated 30 years of history, thus we must protect its dark skies against light pollution. Third, because in 2007 La Palma hosted the first Conference and Declaration in Defence of the Night Sky and the Right to Starlight, published by UNESCO and the local Spanish authorities. And last but not the least, because our La Isla Bonita is indeed gorgeous and deserves your visit!

Canary Islands and Europe

The Canary archipelago is located in the Atlantic Ocean, about 1300 km South from the mainland Spain and 100 km West from the African cost (Morocco). It includes 7 islands owned by Spain, among which La Palma (in the Noth-West of the archipelago), Tenerife and Gran Canaria (central). Despite its distance from Europe, the subtropical Canary Islands represent important tourist attractions, being served by many connections.

La Palma and Canary Islands

The weather in La Palma is great during the whole year. July is the sunniest month, with 8 hours daily statistics, and only 1% statistics of rain. Despite this, it is not too hot, with 23C = 73F degrees average, minimum 20C and maximum 26C) and not too humid. The ocean temperature is 21C (70F), just perfect for beach, snorkeling or diving!

The following live webcams give you a better idea about the climate and nature in La Palma.

Los Cancajos live webcam (Starlight 2016) ORM Observatory live webcam (2300m alt) Puerto Naos live webcam (West)

Starlight Workshop

Santa Cruz de La Palma Harbour
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La Palma Salinas Fuencaliente
Iglesia Las Angustias
Ruta de los Volcanes
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