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Starlight, Beyond Light Pollution 2016

**** The Excursions ****

! UPDATED 9 APRIL 2016 !

Day 2: Sat July 2, 2016 (including in the basic package)
Short afternoon tour of "Santa Cruz, capital of La Palma". Back in the 16th century, the harbour of Santa Cruz de La Palma was one of the richest of the powerful Spanish Empire. As a result, the town still retains some of the best architecture from the Renaissance period in the Canary Islands, protected by the law since 1975. Spend a few hours stepping through the quiet streets of the city, including "Plaza la Alameda" and "El Barco" (the Santa Maria ship copy of Cristopher Columbus, home of the small Naval Museum), the San Francisco Insular Museum (featuring art, natural history and handicrafts), "El Mercado" (to taste natural foodies), few shops for souvenirs, the famous balconies of Santa Cruz, Placeta Borrero, Plaza de Espana with El Salvador church and "Casa Salazar" on Calle Real.

Day 3: Sun July 3, 2016 (included in the basic package)
Afternoon excursion "South of La Palma, the Atlantic Ocean, Volcanoes and Wine". Auto-guided tour to "Centro de visitantes". Walk along the cone of the San Antonio volcan and lookover to the Teneguia volcan, the one which erupted last time in La Palma (45 years ago). Visit of the local "bodega" Carballo (winery) and wine degustation including the special "malvasia"! Stopover at a banana plantation, the most important agriculture of La Palma! Visit of "El Faro" (the Lighhouse) and the "Salinas of Teneguia" (family sea salt factory).

Day 4: Mon July 4, 2016 (included in the basic package)
Morning visit "Centre of the island, Caldera de Taburiente". Visit of the Spanish national park in the centre of the caldera which formed two million years ago the main part of the island. Stop at the Visitor Centre to learn more about the geology and culture. Bus trip to "La Cumbresita", in the heart of the caldera, featuring gorgeous nature, pictures and a small walk through the pine forest. On the way back, admire the East side of the island and the capital Santa Cruz de la Palma from the scenic miorador of "La Concepcion".

Day 5: Tue July 5, 2016 (included in the basic package)
Morning excursion to "Roque de Los Muchachos" and its famous 30-years old Northern European astronomical observatory (known as ORM or ENO). Visit of the MAGIC (largest gamma-ray telescope), William Herschel Telescope (WHT) and the "Gran Telescopio de Canarias" (GTC, the world's largest optical telescope)! Easy treaking along the highest peaks of the island (2426m altitude) overlooking the dramatic "Caldera de Taburiente", one of the largest in the world!

Day 7: Thu July 7, 2016 (included in the basic package)
Full day excursion "North of La Palma, UNESCO heritage". Visit of Los Tilos natural park and learn about the laurel forest or laurisilva flora that existed in Europe millions of years ago. Short walk in this damp forest full of all majestic trees and giant ferns. Learn how the water is collected in La Palma, visit the waterfall. Optional lunch (10-15 EUR/pers) in a pittoresque country side restaurant at "Laguna de Barlovento", the largest water reservoir on the island. Admire the magestic landscapes of Las Toscas, a perfect place to glimpse the wild and breathtaking North of La Palma. Afternoon refresh bath in the natural pools "Las Fajanas" surrounded by fishes and the Atlantic Ocean!

Day 8: Fri July 8, 2016 (optional, 30 EUR/pers)
Full day excursion "West of La Palma, your romantic destination". Cross the mountain ridge from East to West, visit of the centre of Los Llanos, La Palma's largest city (20 thousand inhabitants). Descend in the largest "barranco" (canyon) of the island, visit of a small church "Nuestra senora de las Angustias", typical of La Palma. Optional lunch in a nice restaurant, then beach time in the tourist township of Tazacorte! Optional sea sailing (romantic afternoon or sunset including dinner) among dolphins and other ocean fish watching (around 40 EUR/pers).

Any extra day before or after 1-8 July (optional, 30 EUR/pers)
Full day visit "The Great Caldera Walk. Deep into the heart of the National Park Caldera de Taburiente" (demanding but mostly descending or flat, about 20km total). This walk was dedicated to have experience and love the hiking on a mountain. Walking into it is like stepping into the heart of the island, shrouded by massive stony walls that spring all over us as they head towards the blue sky. After the first kilometers, chilling mountain waters await for your feet. Packed picnic (the best sandwich ever brought from home)! The exit route will take you through the deep trench of Las Angustias ravine, with its colorful waterfalls (Cascada naturally carved over millennia.

Any extra day before or after 1-8 July (optional, 30 EUR/pers)
Full day visit "The Route of the Volcanoes. La Palma hiking network's gem" (quite demanding but mostly flat or descending, about 20km total). Thousands of hikers from all over Europe come to La Palma every year just to enjoy this route which traverses one of the most active volcanic rifts on the planet! As we climb the first half, the line forests give way to mountain scrubs, symbolizing the ascent of our steps. Cinder cones, lava pools and fields of ash, gently rubbed by passing clouds, make this route one of the finest walks in the world.

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Roque de los Muchachos
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